To extend the experience of the Grands Crus of the Kaysersberg valley, there is nothing like a setting with the products of our region!

Extend the experience at the table

The Parenthèse Vigneronne is also available through a meal with food and wine pairing: 3 dishes prepared with local and seasonal products meet 3 Grands Crus of the Kaysersberg valley revealing the secret, subtle, sometimes surprising alchemy that mysteriously unites the jewels of the same soil...

A range of gourmet pleasures

In association with several carefully selected restaurateurs in the valley, we have been offering these meals in a "food and wine" formula since 2014.

To satisfy every taste, we offer 3 different food and wine combinations:

  • a "traditional" formula combining local dishes and Alsace wines (60 € per person),
  • a "flavours" formula prepared by restaurateurs distinguished by the famous Michelin Guide®, which will delight lovers of gourmet tables (80 € per person),
  • a "Parenthèse étoilée" formula dedicated to the tables of the Kaysersberg valley distinguished by the famous Michelin Red Guide macaroons, will bring pleasure and delectation to the most discerning palates (price varies according to the restaurant chosen).

Choose from these options for your "made in the Kaysersberg valley" tasting experience.