Jean-Jacques DIETRICH : a multi-talented wine grower whose inspiration stems from his family traditions.


The Vins Jean Dietrich winery is ideally situated near Lapoutroie and can be recognised by its distinctive, decorative “trees” made from wine bottles: the tasting room is within a handsome, wood-beamed house, near the fortified bridge on the river Weiss, in the centre of Kaysersberg. This historic building with its high, pointed roof is both the family home and the emblem that features on all their bottle labels (a sign of the importance the family places on their origins). In 1954, Jean Dietrich and his wife Denise created the family estate. Their son Jean-Jacques took over in 1991; he continues to farm their 14 hectares of vines with the utmost respect for tradition, and conducts an original, thorough tasting, entitled “the art of vinification”, for visitors. He is also a skilled distiller; be sure to ask him to explain the workings of the still that sits in his cellar.

Le + du vigneron : Jean-Jacques est aussi fin distillateur. Aussi, n’hésitez pas à lui demander comment fonctionne cet alambic que l’on aperçoit dans la cave…
Tasting possible in English.

Vins Jean Dietrich
51 route de Lapoutroie
68240 Kaysersberg