Visit domaine SPANNAGEL and let your senses be stimulated by their interactive, storytelling tour.

  • Marie SPANNAGEL fait découvrir les terroirs où elle élève ses grands crus
  • Différents types de sols pour le vignoble Spannagel à Katzenthal
  • Les vignerons Spannagel, une histoire de famille
  • Les vignerons Spannagel, une histoire de famille

Take part in this real invitation to sensory awakening.

Take part in a cellar visit, in the company of Marie Spannagel, who welcomes you to her family's wine estate in Katzenthal, with her own particular attention to detail.

She offers you a playful tour of the 5 senses, drawing on the many resources available to her family: from her mother's photographic eye to the childhood memories of her grandparents, without forgetting to add her own personal touch.

Let yourself be taken on an interactive and storytelling tour, punctuated by anecdotes "made in" the SPANNAGEL estate...

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