Hints and glints, nose and legs, aromas and bouquet: learn the art of tasting Alsace Grands Crus wines at Domaine Pierre Adam

  • Le jardin des vignes personnel du domaine Pierre ADAM
  • Les raisins juste avant la vendange
  • Visitez la cave du domaine familial
  • Vin tiré directement du fût
  • Hugo vous entrainera dans la cave moderne
  • Direction la salle de dégustation de vins d'Alsace pour l'initiation
  • Une bouteille de gewürztraminer grand cru Kaefferkopf du domaine Pierre ADAM
  • Observez la robe des vins du domaine...

Study the robe, the intensity of its yellow-green or amber hue, its transparency and clarity. Observe the legs gently running down the inside of the glass… breathe in the intense, complex aromas, and savour the first, fleeting notes on the nose. Then take a sip: do you detect sweetness, bitterness or acidity?

Enjoy an easy-going introduction to wine tasting at Domaine Pierre ADAM; discover the secrets of the Alsace Grands Crus wines and learn how to fully appreciate them through the senses of sight, smell and taste in a friendly atmosphere.

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