Clément Klur, winegrower (Katzenthal)

Bubbling over with ideas and energy, Francine and Clément Klur are famous for their wine tourism offering: eco-friendly apartments and holiday homes, a natural swimming pool, a roof with grass cover, electric bikes, and most recently, a tasting room and shop selling farm produce. With its two hectares of vines in production, eco-designed cellars and farm buildings, Vignoble Klur is a Katzenthal family domaine whose viticultural origins date back to the 17th century. The connection between terroir and wine starts in the vineyard; it is influenced by the way the plants and soil are farmed, but also by taking a more holistic view of the environment, extending to the planets and cosmos. Francine and Clément made a commitment to organic farming, biodynamics and the environment over 15 years ago: they have created an original, entertaining tasting called Biodynamics for Beginners to explain their approach. .

Vignoble Klur
105 rue des Trois Epis
68230 Katzenthal