Take a weekend break in the Kaysersberg Valley and discover the secrets of the Alsace Grands Crus wines and their terroir. Winegrower Philippe BLANCK will be your guide to the hillsides of Kientzheim and his family vineyards: he will share his insider knowledge of our ancients landscapes and terroirs, fashioned in turn by the winegrowers who nurture the Grands Crus. A comparative tasting of Grands Crus wines will reveal the influence that different soil types can have on the character, flavours and aromas of a wine. Further your appreciation of Alsace wines with a delicious “great wines and terroir” meal featuring seasonal, top quality local produce paired perfectly with Kaysersberg Valley Grands Crus wines – a truly unforgettable experience. As an optional extra, take a spin on an electric bike (with extra charge) through Philippe Blanck's vineyards.

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